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Welcome to the New Site!


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 Hello there - this is a little bit of a secret

You are special - you are one of the very few people on our new website. We hope you love the previews of the new range, the updated styling and look, and overall, us taking control of the direction of the brand.

 We finally feel like we've found ourselves. We'll keep this short

  • We want to yell it from the rooftops. We are a designer brand. Designed in Sydney with love, with passion, with care and with you in mind. Over the years we got a little lost in the following trends that weren't in our DNA. That time is ending. We want you to know, you can trust us to lead.
  • To be a MINKPINK woman is to be bold, to be unafraid, to stand proud, and LEAN into what you are. MINKPINK is BACK.
  • Over the next few weeks - this site will transition to be the main site - and we'll be releasing more and more sneak peeks into our 2021 range


 Found a problem?

Sorry if there is any confusion - we still have running while we finalise this site. If something doesn't work, just send us a message, and we'll get straight to it!


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