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Because if you didn't 'gram your breakfast, did you really eat it? Up your social media cred with our pick of the most Instagrammable cafes in Australia and watch the likes roll in...


Celcius Coffee Co: Have a side of Sydney Harbour with your avocado toast - this gorgeous cafe is situated directly above the harbour, which makes for stunning views. The Instagram shot practically creates itself.

Flower Child Cafe: This stunning cafe brings the beauty of the outdoors in - greenery and florals decorate the space and the plates.


AU79: Industrial vibes, a pink communal table and food to die for, this cafe is where all your Instagram dreams come true.

Industry Beans: Enjoy brunch (that looks more like a work of art than a plate of food) and delicious coffee in a plush green courtyard. What better place to spend a Saturday morning.


Morning After: Plenty of natural light, blonde wood and white accents make for the perfect backdrop for your Instagram shot.

Lola Coffee: A cafe that not only looks good and serves award winning coffee, Lola Coffee also does so much good for the community, including cutting down on waste and single use plastic, and providing meals to people in need. Now that's a cafe we can get behind.


Argo on the Parade: Come for the (stunning) food, stay for the Instagrammable butterfly mural and amazing dog-watching as this cafe serves puppachinos for your furry friends.

303 By the Sea: The name says it all really - this quaint cafe is set by the beach and serves up totally Instagrammable dishes and drinks.


Island Market: The minimalist decor, pops of pink and the seaside setting make for the perfect Instagrammable spot.

Flora & Fauna: This Vegan cafe really lives up to the flora part of its name - their colourful dishes are adorned with flowers and will brighten an Instagram feed.