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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a photographer and travel the world?

We had the exciting opportunity to chat with renowned programmer and photographer, Jonny Seelenmeyer.

Inspired by domestic scenes, vintage photographs, busy beaches and bustling cultures - his photographs predominantly feature hot, chaotic, summer scenes across Australia and Europe.

Jonny has worked with a number of amazing models including Taylor LaShae, Izi Simundic and Cami Romero on various projects around the world.

We recently had the chance to work with Jonny and Cami on a shoot, set in Capri, Italy.

As you could imagine, the scenes were breath taking and the content created by Jonny and Cami just makes you want to travel.

Interview the Jonny Seelenmever

We can't believe how much you travel! What is your favourite country to shoot in and why?


I love the beach culture in Rio – there’s constant high energy, it’s densely populated and extremely beautiful. Water is replaced with coconut water (caipirinhas at times) and you can get just about anything you like without having to leave your beach chair.

I also really like the Mediterranean scenes of Spain, Italy and Croatia. Fortunately, they’re in opposite hemisphere’s so you don’t have to sacrifice one's summer for another.

What was the best part about shooting Cami for this campaign?

Being able to see where she grew up.

Cami’s father is Brazilian and she spent her first 5 years growing up there so it was really nice to shoot at her home. She speaks Portuguese, which was a big help considering my lingo is Nao picante - aka not spicy.Cami introduced me to weird Brazilian foods, I’d never heard of. I soon found out she’s a Scorpio, so I quickly learned not to mess with her haha.

No but seriously - she’s extremely professional, always super positive, energetic, as well as brings loads of ideas and her fiery personality to the shoot.

How did the clothes inspire your shoot?

The clothes have a sense of wanderlust, summer fun - so we wanted to find a space that matched the feel of the collection. We found an incredible property looking back over Rio de Janeiro, with a very European aesthetic and beautiful Brazilian scenery, this combined with the vibrant beach scenes - voila - the perfect pairing.

We really just had a lot of fun with it too.

Who is your muse?

I don’t really have one at the moment, mainly because I spend no longer than two months in any location.

My latest would be Cami though - we shot so much while in Rio, both work and personal. When we’re together we're constantly bouncing ideas off each other, improvising as we go, and generally just work really well together.Before Rio we had shot in Barcelona and it was all very natural and easy, so shooting in Brazil was a given.

I also shoot a lot with my long time best friend Izi Simundic, we’re always on the same page and often the same place at the same time.

You have such a distinct aesthetic to your images. What makes a trademark Jonny Seelenmeyer photograph?

I shoot all my personal work on vintage analogue cameras and I’m very experimental with equipment that I find along the way. You might find chaotic beach scenes captured on imperfect Polaroids paired with perfectly exposed high contrast and sometimes expired film - but most importantly, you’ll find beauty between the chaos.

What is your favourite thing about shooting a woman's fashion brand?

Working with beautiful people in beautiful places.

What advice would you give to young photographers?

You don’t need the most modern expensive equipment - use whatever you have, just tell a story.