I think we can all agree that TikTok has taken over the world. Honestly, I was quick to judge most of its users, but after downloading the app as “research” I found myself in a time warp. Before I knew it I was hitting the woah and breaking out into a choreographed dance routine singing “Carole Baskin”.

Among the dance videos and hashtag challenges, the world of beauty has found a home on the app, with some users viral success promoting their most beloved products and hacks. To which I’ve convinced myself I absolutely must have these items, so, as the TikTok obsessed adult I am, here are 6 beauty products that TikTok has made me buy.

The Ordinary

After lengthy research and the decoding of the product names I now own an entire regime of The Ordinary skincare. I was most shocked by how affordable and accessible the brand was, especially when it’s compared to some of the best skincare on the market.

So far I’ve noticed such a huge change in my complexion! So THANKYOU TikTok.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

A haircare tool that people are raving about is the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer. With wet hair you simply section off and brush to dry angling the tool inwards, the results are amazing. It gives all those salon vibes and for only $60, this is another one of those moments that I thank the world for TikTok.

Indian Healing Clay

It's been a cult favourite for years and has recently surfaced to our attention once again as TikTok users have reignited its popularity. The Indian Healing Clay has become famous for its healing powers, clearing impurities and blemished skin with instantaneous results. For a mere $13 it’s worth a try.

Infallible Loreal

The formula from Loreal has been around for years and I swear it’s never been an IT product among the beauty community on Youtube or Instagram. But your everyday TikTok users have used their platform to express their love for the foundation and concealer. It's a full coverage finish that’s extremely lightweight and whether you have blemished or sensitive skin, if you scroll through its hashtag you’ll see how good it looks on just about everyone! Not to mention that its an affordable line.

Soap Brows

Soap Brows refers to a grooming technique that’s favoured by makeup artists and has saturated the “For You” page as an affordable beauty hack. It’s as simple as wetting a bar of soap and using a spoile brush to apply the wet substance into the eyebrow. The hold and shape you can achieve with this method are insane and I promise I’ll never buy another brow gel again!!! The Pears Transparent Soap is perfect for this technique and its only $3.


Bio Oil has been a holy grail to many for years for its multi-tasking properties that improve the appearance of scars, acne and dehydrated skin. Lately, thanks to TikTok Bio Oil has become popular among the younger generation as an all-over serum. You can easy get your hands on the product and it retails for $13.